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Journo is an AI-powered social media platform that utilizes unique travel content to inspire and keep users organized in the planning of their next trip. It aims to enable people to elevate their travel planning experience by offering them the ability to browse recommended user-generated content or entering a destination directly, become inspired through unique travel experiences and ideas to fuel the planning of their trip, save travel content that leaves them feeling inspired for easy access once it’s time to create their Itinerary, and access and browse through your saved content to confirm that their trip planning is on track. Once users' research is complete, they generate Itinerary through their saved content using Journo's AI assistant or create their Itinerary manually.

People can access their Itinerary throughout the trip to stay organized and on track with their plans. They can also share their trip with friends through stories, posts, and the eventual publishing of their Itinerary (Passports).

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