Private Investor Cocktail Hour (Los Angeles)

LvlUp Ventures is hosting an Investor Cocktail Hour and Networking Event in Manhattan Beach on September 28 from 5:00-8:00 PM PST.


LvlUp Ventures is hosting an LP Cocktail Hour and Networking Event in Manhattan Beach on September 28, 2023 from 5:00-8:00 PM PST. The full event details and address will be sent out a couple of weeks prior to the event, as we'd like to keep these details private, and ensure this remains an LP-only investors' event.

Join us for an exciting evening full of cocktails and networking. Learn more about LvlUp Ventures and connect with other investors!

Who are we?

LvlUp Ventures is an early-stage value-add VC investing in mission-driven founders. We take a relationship-driven and community-focused approach to sourcing, selecting, supporting, and scaling our investments. Our portfolio companies include Cosmic Wire (recently built $10M Animoca metaverse world), Lockerverse (clients include Disney, ESPN, and more), and Spin Labs.

We support our portfolio companies by emphasizing what all teams need most: sustainable, scalable growth + help closing fundraising rounds now and in the future. We’ve taken the best parts of VC, extracted the positives from acceleration, and are now “upcelerating” teams to help them reach the next level. Additionally, we have an incredibly unique mentorship program in which our mentors are incentivized to open their Rolodexes, as we provide them with equity in the companies they mentor.

Our team has sat on both sides of the pitching table as venture-backed startup founders and investors. LvlUp founder Brandon Maier is one of the founders of Quake Capital, which quickly grew to one of the industry’s top accelerators during his tenure. Maier has made 200+ investments, and his most recent portfolio (5 years old) already has four exits. He left Quake to form LvlUp Ventures with longtime friend and former business associate AJ Smith (Maier and Smith first worked together at BitInstant - one of the leading crypto exchanges in the earlier days of BTC).

LvlUp Ventures also has a consulting and event arm.