Taking Your Startup To 1.

An accelerator aiming to help transformative, post-launch emerging technology startups effectively scale to Series A and beyond through bespoke strategic advice, connection-rich mentorship, and hands-on expertise.

What is NextUp Scale?

NextUp Scale is a bespoke accelerator, helping transformative startups that aim to advance industries and technologies in AI, Future of Work (FoW), Consumer, Sustainability, and Emerging Technology Infrastructure sustainably scale in their earliest days and investing in the most promising ones after they launch. We help upcelerate and invest in game-changing emerging technology startups through our NextUp approach: the radically different way in which we accelerate centered around providing strategic advice and deep expertise in startup and growth strategy, product development, marketing, raising capital, and operations directly from our leadership team of serial entrepreneurs and venture capital fund managers through a novel individualized, strategic, and hands-on style in order to speedily take ventures to the next level.

Our Portfolio Track Record

Portfolio Companies' Combined Market Cap.
Average Revenue Growth Within 6 Months of Joining
Average Valuation Increase Within 6 Months of Joining
Pre-Launch Portfolio Companies that have launched at least 25% ahead of schedule

Experienced team.
Hundreds of millions raised. 20+ exits/IPOs

Our team of operators, investors, and advisors across every age bracket have over a century of combined experience in scaling startups in a variety of leadership and advisory roles, helping raise/invest hundreds of millions of dollars with a 10x+ return on investment and successfully growing or exiting over 20 companies as founders or VC’s.

Our team will help bring your startup to the next level and get ready to raise capital through individualized strategic advice and hands-on services over a flexible time period, plug you into our large community of LvlUp NextUp startups and Portfolio Companies, and offer you up to $500,000 of perks.

Individualized approach.
Bringing your venture to the next level.

Every company is different. We believe that the traditional startup accelerator model doesn’t work nearly as well as it can, because of the non-customized, funnel-like approach that it employs. We’re transforming the way that startups grow by providing an individualized, strategic, hands-on, and cohortless (the opportunity to grow is now open 24/7/365) approach to scaling your startup to Series A and raising capital.

We invest.
And Provide further value in more ways than one.

We consider investing in the most promising ventures which take part in NextUp, writing checks of up to $250,000 in a limited number of companies following program completion  and aiming to bring value throughout the entire startup journey through our mentorship and connections. Following the scale, startups can pitch to LvlUp in a community day consisting of our fund team, PortCo’s, entrepreneurs, and others in the startup ecosystem with the goal of getting a pre-seed or seed investment.

Our Focus

We believe in all founders with a vision and high-potential solutions that utilize emerging technology to change the way people live and work for the better, or provide the infrastructure for ventures to do so. We work with growing, early-stage companies that have launched and have $10,000 or less in Monthly Recurring Revenue (MRR). We act as an extension of your team by providing strategic advice and expertise to help you go-to-market and be well positioned to scale.


We Have Helped Raise


In Sponsored Perks
FinTech, HealthTech, AI, Future of Work, Web3.0, Sustainability, SAAS, Enterprise Tech, Consumer, Entertainment Tech
Focus Verticals


Industry-Leading Mentors


Month-over-Month Growth
And more...

Next Level Mentorship:
NextUp Mentor Circle

The NextUp Mentor Circle connects Portfolio Companies (PortCo’s) with in-network and out-of-network mentors, aiming to achieve an excellent match between the startups which we help upcelerate and our mentors in terms of culture, experience, expertise, and connection value-add.

When a startup becomes a part of NextUp, we conduct a double-pronged search through our refined mentor community and leaders of highly similar, successful companies who we can virtually always recruit through our extensive networks. NextUp’s mentor community members are leaders in their industries with thousands of years of combined experience and dozens of exits/IPO’s. If we don’t find an exceptional fit for a startup within our mentor community, we will initiate and execute discovery for a mentor outside of our program who does.

All NextUp Mentor Circle Members are carefully chosen by LvlUp Ventures’ leadership team and incentivized to provide their expertise as a result of NextUp sharing a piece of its equity stake in the maximum of two PortCo’s which they support with them. Each NextUp PortCo receives NextUp-core-team-complementary strategic advice and hands-on support from one or two mentors in the NextUp Mentor Circle who will also assist in achieving KPIs and voluntarily make connections to potential partners and clients in their network.

  • CurationThe NextUp Mentor Circle is highly selective with mentors, only accepting the best of industries who complement each other within our network and ensure that they will add a large amount of value that’s complementary to our non-mentor support when advising PortCo’s.
  • Substantial ValueWe don’t match you with a “good” mentor, we leverage our extensive mentor program and networks to find an exceptional one who can deliver game-changing support that complements our core team’s strategic advice and hands-on expertise.
  • Double-Pronged Matching ApproachIn addition to searching within our program, we leverage our resources to find other industry-leaders to mentor our PortCo’s and join the NextUp Mentor Circle.

The NextUp Approach

Our methodology delivers strategic advisory, impactful services, exclusive mentorship, access to LvlUp's unparalleled community, and the opportunity to radically improve your fundraise.

Our team of experienced VC's and entrepreneurs, personally guiding you to growth

Receive guidance from our team who have founded and helped grow companies to a combined billions of dollars in market capitalization, accelerated over 200 companies, and invested in over 1,000 early-stage startups. Work with us on a bi-weekly or greater basis with the goal of solving pain points, leveraging growth opportunities, radically increasing revenue, avoiding hundreds of mistakes that we have seen and learned from, and accelerate your fundraising.

Plug into LvlUp Ventures' Community of 1500+ entrepreneurs, influencers, PortCo's, and partners

Leverage the power of LvlUp Ventures' powerful community and synergies with other PortCo's which have led to achievements such as transformative partnerships with companies like Microsoft to be displayed on every Bing search and Lockerverse to access a reach of millions of people.

Interface with our ecosystem of VC's, family offices, and angel investors

Get connected to hundreds of investment firms and investors in LvlUp's ecosystem.

Connect with hand-picked Mentors who are industry experts

Receive expert advice from seasoned mentors on a bi-weekly basis to develop growth strategies, test ideas, and scale more sustainably.

Access up to $500,000 in perks

Cut your burn by as much as 80% through our dozens of high-quality perks from some of the best service providers from AWS to Nelson Mullins.

Bespoke Accelerator Structure

We work with a few dozen companies per year. They love the results.


When we select a post-launch startup for NextUp, we aim to help them scale and we share in their success with a 0.5-1.5% equity grant.


NextUp is flexible in length, depending on a startup’s needs. It can be 12-Weeks, 8 months, or anything in between, all based on a customized, adjustable plan. We’re goal-oriented, not prediction-oriented.


LvlUp doesn’t take a weekly schedule approach to helping startups scale. Rather, it provides Strategy, Growth Strategy, Product Development, Product Management, Marketing, and fundraising expertise and strategic advice in an intentional, sequential order, providing one service at a time until the startup is ready for the next stage of development. We will work with you to help you develop a growth strategy and raise capital starting at any point at which your startup is ready during your time in NextUp or after.

Bringing NextUp's Resources To Your Startup

Receive weekly, bi-weekly, or more personalized guidance on just about everything you need to accelerate growth from our Team of founders and investors with 20+ Exits/IPO's

Craft or refine a growth strategy meant to increase the success of your venture and size of your next round

Be introduced to NextUp's network of thousands of connections

Navigate fundraising strategy and execution with strategic advice and support including our game-changing fundraising tool partnerships and implementation assistance

Refine your Pitch Deck with our team that has raised over $150M

Craft Investor, Customer, And Partner Pitches

Get Our VC Group's Data Room Audit

Plug into our portfolio of high-growth startups and find synergies to grow faster

Receive mentorship from members of NextUp's exclusive Mentor Circle of industry leaders
And more...

NextUp Portfolio

Take a glance at the companies in our current portfolio.

Balnce AI

Trust is the core of our relationships. Balnce AI is building AI systems to democratize opportunity and help people thrive in the next economic wave. Their goal: help achieve greater security and balance in transactions so we can be a bit more human.


Bookvid is an AI-powered marketplace to help entrepreneurs monetize video sessions up to 100,000 people. It allows clients to easily schedule and pay for group calls, masterminds, packages or 1:1 video calls.


Dynpricing transforms static pricing models with a unique dynamic pricing solution, enhancing profitability for foodservice businesses. Dynpricing leverages machine learning to dynamically price menu items, similar to technologies in the airline and hotel industries. This enables restaurants to adapt to demand changes, maximizing profitability by analyzing customer trends, adjusting prices, and using historical sales data. Dynpricing has already partnered with industry leaders and is live in multiple locations.

En Garde

En Garde enables gamers to make money playing what they love by matching them to others with similar skill levels in minutes or seconds and win up $3-$450 per match, all at their own pace.

Fieldhouse is an innovative early-stage start-up that uses proprietary data centralization, analytics, and AI to maximize athlete performance and wellness. They are engineering:

  1. A Home Screen for Your Health – integrates training, performance, and lifestyle data from 150+ digital training tools and stores that data on each user’s profile.
  2. A Performance Coach in Your Pocket – delivers unmatched training insights based on real-time and historical data. We are in a prime position to capture the smart wearable market projected growth (15% CAGR through 2032) because we are device-agnostic.
  3. A Health and Wellness Insights Engine – provides companies with the opportunity to license our predictive analytics and insights to contextualize their existing data.

Fieldhouse will be piloting their web-based application (Home Screen for Your Health) with users, as well as professional athletes and rolling-out their product to two strategic partners and 10,000+ users.

MNLY analyses over 80 different data points and biometrics to curate supplement, lifestyle, and nutrition protocols with the goal of helping achieve optimal male health. It has been developed by peak performers, mens health practitioners, and neuroscientists.


Maplehouse is revolutionizing college apparel with its lineup of luxury, modern designs including hoodies, crewnecks, tees, and hats adorned with licensed university branding. Designed to address dissatisfaction among students with current options, Maplehouse offers premium quality garments that blend comfort and style seamlessly. With strategic partnerships in place and plans to expand into professional sports and university bookstores, Maplehouse is poised to set a new standard in campus fashion.

Medalist is the first clean and natural skin and bodycare line for female athletes, by female athletes, custom by sport. Co-Founded by an experienced brand strategist and an Olympic Athlete, the venture will deliver more personalized products for women.

One-click lobbying and platform using AI to understand local, state, and federal policy like never before. Megaphone digitizes and simplifies lobbying for businesses, enabling startups and enterprises to engage with the government effortlessly. It allows users to select specific issues to lobby on, connect with top-tier PR experts, and monitor policy developments in real-time. Megaphone also fosters community engagement through polling and open discussions, ensuring diverse voices are heard in the policymaking process. By streamlining advocacy, Megaphone helps businesses stay informed and drive positive change in government relations.


The ProLeague platform aims to bring a web3 infrastructure that provides gamers with a single, unified upgrade to the fragmented platforms they are using now. The Esports industry is currently very behind on tech to propel it forward. Currently, there is not a multi-sided platform that brings everyone together in one unified place (Brands, Developers, Content Creators, Tournament Organizers, Guilds, Teams, Orgs & Players). At the moment, gamers also need to use multiple sites to manage their careers. We are building an infrastructure to help gamers focus on what they love most ... The Games. ProLeague will provide the proper infrastructure to manage the biggest hurdles gamers face. By providing a web3 infrastructure for web2 and web3 games, we can help the entire industry maximize revenue streams. Our unique Players Association and Proof of Play Protocol will ensure that results and stats are verifiable and that the community can organize and weed out bad actors. Similarly, our blockchain technology will make it possible to guarantee prize payouts and to deliver them to winners quickly.  All of this, along with direct on-platform tournament creation will allow us to build a sustainable ecosystem and provide a solid foundation for esports on a global level.


Prospify AI automates lead generation and sales development. It analyzes your sales process/pipeline to continuously refine the ideal customer profile. Proprietary algorithms then scour the open web, surfacing up to 10 new hyper-targeted prospects daily outside your existing lists.

Prospify AI doesn't stop there - it fully nurtures and qualifies each prospect through automated campaigns until the lead is sales-ready. The AI schedules calls between your reps and hot, pre-qualified leads, enabling reps to focus solely on closing.

By autonomously handling lead generation, scoring, nurturing, and call booking, Prospify AI puts these critical yet tedious sales tasks on autopilot. This allows your team to laser in on closing more business.

Puerta Abierta

Puerta Abierta Ed is a pioneering hybrid EdTech coaching platform focused on financial and mindset empowerment, providing essential resources to individuals facing access barriers. Their unique approach combines personalized 1-1 coaching and empowering group sessions, supported by partnerships with the University of California, Irvine, Blackstone Launchpad, and RevHub OC.


Sharely empowers investors to make a measurable impact on causes they care about while growing their wealth. Clients can quickly select a cause, set a donation percentage, and connect their investment account. Each month, a chosen percentage of their earnings is donated to vetted, high-impact nonprofits. Clients receive regular reports detailing the real-world outcomes of their contributions, such as supporting education or combating climate change.


Studious is an AI personalization platform for studying that creates a flywheel for each user, leveraging cognitive science, gamification and LLMs, with an underlying study topic framework to improve success rates and reduce cost. Studious is currently growing at 25% MoM and is targeting the Workforce Learning and Higher Ed markets.

The founder, David, has tremendous brand building expertise having worked as the P&L owner of apparel lines in an e-commerce business, and in 2016 founded a ski apparel brand, which did 6-figure sales in its first year. He is also a veteran tutor and has an MBA from Wharton

URBI transforms residential living by centralizing essential services into one convenient app, allowing residents to effortlessly book amenities, receive real-time notifications, and connect with their community. For property partners, URBI streamlines management, boosts service visibility, and fosters business growth.

Walli HR

WalliHR is revolutionizing HR management for small businesses with its AI-powered software. It leverages AI technology to streamline workflows, automating repetitive HR tasks and allowing leaders to focus on strategic initiatives.  WalliHR provides deep insights into employee experiences without extensive reviews or surveys, fostering a positive work environment.

Bring your venture to the next level.