Fund I Portfolio

Take a glance at the companies in our current portfolio.
Through our partnership with Spin Labs, we share equity in all of their portfolio companies.

Balnce AI

Trust is the core of our relationships. Balnce AI is building AI systems to democratize opportunity and help people thrive in the next economic wave. Their goal: help achieve greater security and balance in transactions so we can be a bit more human.

Cosmic Wire

Cosmic Wire is a platform agnostic infrastructure provider bridging the gap between Web2 and Web3. Ensuring a seamless transition for brands, tech, and users. Utilizing Web3 to provide a familiar, yet innovative, integration into the Web3 ecosystem. Cosmic Wire is the Infrastructure that runs Web3. Their Tech Stack allows for constant innovation to be flowed through the ecosystem and applied to a variety of applications such as metaverse and fintech builds.


DropYacht is a customer experience platform that enables brands to create and measure blockchain-powered interactions across the customer journey.

En Garde

En Garde enables gamers to make money playing what they love by matching them to others with similar skill levels in minutes or seconds and win up $3-$450 per match, all at their own pace.

Fieldhouse is an innovative early-stage start-up that uses proprietary data centralization, analytics, and AI to maximize athlete performance and wellness. They are engineering:

  1. A Home Screen for Your Health – integrates training, performance, and lifestyle data from 150+ digital training tools and stores that data on each user’s profile.
  2. A Performance Coach in Your Pocket – delivers unmatched training insights based on real-time and historical data. We are in a prime position to capture the smart wearable market projected growth (15% CAGR through 2032) because we are device-agnostic.
  3. A Health and Wellness Insights Engine – provides companies with the opportunity to license our predictive analytics and insights to contextualize their existing data.

Fieldhouse will be piloting their web-based application (Home Screen for Your Health) with users, as well as professional athletes and rolling-out their product to two strategic partners and 10,000+ users.


Journo is an AI-powered social media platform that utilizes unique travel content to inspire and keep users organized in the planning of their next trip. It aims to enable people to elevate their travel planning experience by offering them the ability to browse recommended user-generated content or entering a destination directly, become inspired through unique travel experiences and ideas to fuel the planning of their trip, save travel content that leaves them feeling inspired for easy access once it’s time to create their Itinerary, and access and browse through your saved content to confirm that their trip planning is on track. Once users' research is complete, they generate Itinerary through their saved content using Journo's AI assistant or create their Itinerary manually.

People can access their Itinerary throughout the trip to stay organized and on track with their plans. They can also share their trip with friends through stories, posts, and the eventual publishing of their Itinerary (Passports).

Lockerverse is the community platform for the future of the internet. Lockerverse allows community building, and the purchasing of digital collectibles and merchandise to all happen in one place. The platform aims to simplify the current fragmented consumer journey between fan and creator.

MNLY analyses over 80 different data points and biometrics to curate supplement, lifestyle, and nutrition protocols with the goal of helping achieve optimal male health. It has been developed by peak performers, mens health practitioners, and neuroscientists.

In 2021, the world of collegiate sports changed forever and we believe MOGL is extremely well-positioned as the NIL (Name, Image, Likeness) market is expected to already cross $1.14bn in its second year (Forbes).MOGL is the leading athlete marketplace and NIL operations software provider powering the NIL era in collegiate athletics. The technology enables college athletes to connect with monetization & sponsorship opportunities with brands, employers, and fans, while providing athletic departments & collectives the software they need to manage deal flow & compliance.

Medalist is the first clean and natural skin and bodycare line for female athletes, by female athletes, custom by sport. Co-Founded by an experienced brand strategist and an Olympic Athlete, the venture will deliver more personalized products for women.


The ProLeague platform aims to bring a web3 infrastructure that provides gamers with a single, unified upgrade to the fragmented platforms they are using now. The Esports industry is currently very behind on tech to propel it forward. Currently, there is not a multi-sided platform that brings everyone together in one unified place (Brands, Developers, Content Creators, Tournament Organizers, Guilds, Teams, Orgs & Players). At the moment, gamers also need to use multiple sites to manage their careers. We are building an infrastructure to help gamers focus on what they love most ... The Games. ProLeague will provide the proper infrastructure to manage the biggest hurdles gamers face. By providing a web3 infrastructure for web2 and web3 games, we can help the entire industry maximize revenue streams. Our unique Players Association and Proof of Play Protocol will ensure that results and stats are verifiable and that the community can organize and weed out bad actors. Similarly, our blockchain technology will make it possible to guarantee prize payouts and to deliver them to winners quickly.  All of this, along with direct on-platform tournament creation will allow us to build a sustainable ecosystem and provide a solid foundation for esports on a global level.


Propeller exists to inspire activism and help build movements for change.

As the scale of the world's problems continue to grow, and the government becomes increasingly broken, we put more and more trust in nonprofits to create change.

But in a time when old methods no longer work and innovation is what's needed most, we're relying on an industry that is forced to be risk-averse.

Regular businesses can spend whatever they want to hire talent and market their product to maximize their profits, all without scrutiny.

Nonprofits are expected to save the world, but every cent spent on "overhead" is frowned upon.

Propeller flips this idea on its head by being a for-profit public benefit corporation whose success is based solely on the scale by which we help causes connect with supporters and create real, lasting change.


"We blend gaming and entertainment, unlocking fresh revenue avenues. Collaborating across diverse entertainment sectors, we've harnessed the power of virtual IP to drive value through physical products, crowdfunding, gaming, and live events. Our focus is on leveraging virtual IP for multi-vertical monetization, especially in gaming."

Remedy channels empower monetization through increased royalties  and streamline discovery across all major social platforms and DSP deepening fan connection.

A Groundbreaking New Incubator Aiming to Foster the Next Generation of Music Technology. "We’re looking to discover and help develop the next great artist-driven music tech." Those interested in joining the incubator are encouraged to submit their concepts at

Spintel is an online software platform that provides music industry professionals with a new generation of analytical and management tools for visualizing and interpreting terrestrial radio airplay data.


Studious is an AI personalization platform for studying that creates a flywheel for each user, leveraging cognitive science, gamification and LLMs, with an underlying study topic framework to improve success rates and reduce cost. Studious is currently growing at 25% MoM and is targeting the Workforce Learning and Higher Ed markets.

The founder, David, has tremendous brand building expertise having worked as the P&L owner of apparel lines in an e-commerce business, and in 2016 founded a ski apparel brand, which did 6-figure sales in its first year. He is also a veteran tutor and has an MBA from Wharton

The Player's Company

The Player’s Company is a syndicated investment platform owned by athletes, built to create generational wealth for them and their communities. We offer unique and exclusive access to investment vehicles previously reserved only for the top 1% and emphasize education through the investment journey. We aim to put control of an athlete’s future in their own hands and build engagement with their communities.

The first platform
to gamify the human experience.

VersusGame offers creators and brands the opportunity to cultivate a community with an interactive content solution that rewards knowledge.

Vision Commerce Group was founded to service musicians who are booking multi-city tours in the USA, Canada and Australia. We use a digital-first data driven approach to reach the right fans who are more likely to purchase tickets.

We leverage streaming and music video data to support the best tour routing and venue capacity strategy to ensure your tour is sold out.

Vuyu is the world's first and only mobile application and desktop streaming platform to go live across multiple social networks including Facebook, (profiles, pages, and groups) YouTube, Instagram, Twitter, Twitch, TikTok & Vimeo and LinkedIn. This enables influencers and companies to ignite their live streams’ growth and generate more revenue.