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At LvlUp Ventures, our Venture Scouts play a pivotal role in sourcing exciting deals for our organization and our esteemed Venture Scout Program Funding Partners. These partners, including ExpertDojo, Capchase, NextUp and Dealmaker collaborate closely with us to unlock incredible opportunities for the scouts and founders in our ecosystem.

As Venture Scouts, individuals have the chance to curate their own portfolios, all while enjoying the benefits of equity compensation. Whenever our organization or one of our partners invests or accelerates in the companies sourced by our scouts, they are rewarded with equity in return. It's an incredible opportunity to not only scout promising ventures but also become a part of their growth journey.

Join our Venture Scout Program today and be part of an exciting ecosystem where you can contribute to groundbreaking deals while building your own future.


Venture Scouts (Global)


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Venture Scout Program

We want to ensure we are attracting deals our partners may miss.

Our Venture Scout Program is an active visionary, entrepreneurial, investing, and operating community. Scouts work with Partners & fellow scouts to identify, educate and invest in the Startups in their network while building their personal investment portfolio & developing their venture track record.

Our scouts are tasked with finding high quality deal flow and sharing it with us. In exchange, we provide them with a piece of our carry if we end up investing or accelerating.

  • In every major startup hub in the U.S. & expanding globally
  • Deal-flow co-investment opportunities to reduce risk to our portfolio
  • 20+ startup organization & university programs

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