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Brief Description

Cosmic Wire is a platform agnostic infrastructure provider bridging the gap between Web2 and Web3. Ensuring a seamless transition for brands, tech, and users. Utilizing Web3 to provide a familiar, yet innovative, integration into the Web3 ecosystem. Cosmic Wire is the Infrastructure that runs Web3. Their Tech Stack allows for constant innovation to be flowed through the ecosystem and applied to a variety of applications such as metaverse and fintech builds.

Highlighted Traction

Already generating millions in revenue, building out web3 experiences for some of the biggest new players in the space. Their proprietary compression chain has made high-fidelity in-browser metaverse experiences possible and scalable.

Other Investors

Solana Ventures, Greg Abbot, FYF Ventures, Polygon Ventures, DMK Family Trust, Zehner Handa, among others.

Leadership Team